Introducing Kitchen Space Kids!

Welcome to Kitchen Space Kids!

In this four-week series, we will take your child through a hands-on introduction to cooking, the kitchen and the basic equipment used to prepare simple, wholesome meals. 

Each week we will prepare one meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert completely from scratch using only whole, natural and organic ingredients. 

We will introduce concepts such as organic farming, buying local ingredients, and growing our own food.  We will share our thoughts on the importance of cooking at home and spending time at the table.

Your child will bring home the meal they prepare to share with you.  You can help support what they’ve learned by asking questions about the recipe, how it was made or encouraging them to make it again with your family. 

On the first day, your child will receive a binder with lessons we covered in class and ideas of ways they can help in the kitchen at home.  Please bring this to class each week so we can add to it.  This binder will become their own personalized cookbook that will hopefully continue to grow.


Erin and Susan